Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best New Year Wishes

Carol and Elizabeth wish a Very Happy New Year to all of our blog visitors.

We hope 2010 brings happiness and good health to you and your families.

Thank you so much for visiting us here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kiss the Snow GOODBYE!

Please, good Spring Fairy, come and kiss the snow goodbye.
Although it is not even January yet, we have had ENOUGH snow! There is not even any weather predicted in the near future that could possibly melt any of it--only more predicted. Where will they even plow what comes next?- the piles on the side of the streets are too high for any more.

So, I just say to you, Mother Nature, ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Thanks for letting me vent- I am so "over" the snow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Images

As Christmas is upon us, I want to post a few Christmas photos in some places throughout my house.

This first is in the entryway.

Then, turning into the dining room....I have a little tree with a lot of swaps from Silver Bella in years past.

This tray holds the banner made in Pam Garrison's class.

And this was the inspiration for the whole room--my new favorite color--tarnished Sterling. I am appreciating the patina in a way my mother would not have understood. No stress over the tarnish!

Included here is a project from Silver Bella 2007 and an Amy Powers sparkly house.
My Bella Holiday Fabric Fatbook blended right in with its colors--
In the kitchen area, a couple of little trees on the counter have pretty much the same colors--

Thanks for taking a wee tour with me.

All my good wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas to you all.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Arrival of Angels

The Angels have arrived at my house!

Danielle Muller, of The Vintage Dragonfly, hosted The Angel Paper Doll Swap. It was a pleasure creating this angel. She started out as a turn of the century painting by the American Illustrator, Jessie Willcox Smith. I altered the sitting mother and child to a standing angel with the Child and embellished her with feathers, pearls, fabrics, and antique lace.

Is this a choir of angels? Looks like it to me.

When the swap angels arrived, I attached them to a length of lace and hung them from my mantle. Perfect for Christmas!!

I had just finished assembling all the "stuff" on the mantle.....lots of my favorite things...hmmm, sounds like a song....
Of course, the photos don't do them justice. The angels are treasures, obviously carefully crafted, each one a beautiful piece of art.

Below--from the left--by Jamie Vowell
in the middle--mine
on the right--Susie Bieker

Below--on the left--Susie Bieker
on the right--Danielle Muller

Below--on the left--by Robin Sanchez
middle--Pamela Keravuori
on the right--Jamie Vowell's

Pardon if my photography skills don't exist, but I liked these with no flash--the lighting is very peaceful to me.

I feel lucky to have been able to participate in this swap with such talented ladies.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Silver Bella Needlework Sampler Swap

Each participating Bella was to make 3 needlework samplers, measuring 4"X5". The clever hostess, Chantal Johnson, assembled them and put the three into a lovely hand embroidered needle book. She filled it with needles, sweet scissors, and graceful touches of her talents. We did not get back our own sampler, and the whole swap was a wonderful surprise at Swap Night at Silver Bella.
Look closely at Chantal's delicate crown on the cover--
The first page--with it's cute little pins...
Then, the first of the 3 samplers--This one below by Rebecca Gawryl (please, if I have them switched, let me know, and I'll correct the post)

Next, is from Jana Perenchio--
And the third-below- is Vicki Flinchum's.
Aren't they precious? Such nice touches on each one. When I look at them, I think about all the time each creative seamstress spent--and what she must have been thinking about all the while.

The next to last page had this little heart pocket with the gold scissors.
Such a nice touch!
And then, the last page had a tag with the names of those who did the pieces.
So nice,Chantal, Rebecca, Jana, and Vicki, you did yourselves proud.
I'll treasure this little jewel always.
The following was included also, from Chantal--with her thoughts.
You will have to enlarge to read it.
The redwork girl below was my offering. We didn't receive one of our own in our booklets.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Since I am feverishly working on my Christmas cards, here are some decorations made previously.
Above is one of my most favorite ornaments made a year or so ago. It is on a small black book cover and features an image by Hope of Paper Relics.

These are a set of festive glittery tags. I made about 40 or so last year and gave them away- Wish I had them this year.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scrappi Jessi's 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange

Today's the day--December 3, 2009. Do you have your receipe cards ready? Be sure to visit all of the blogs for delicious cookie recipes.

Elizabeth and Carol are ready for their first "cookie party" - It is hosted by Jessi. They have scoured the cook books to find their favorite.

They have their bowl and spoons ready!

The have found the cookie cutters but think they make great chairs!

They have collected the cooking supplies- roller,cutter,cookie board, frosting and sprinkles.
No, wait!!- those are their art supplies,-- back to the kitchen!

In the "old" new cookbook, is where my favorite cookie recipe resides. The recipe is a little different in the "newer" new cookbook, and I prefer the original one.

This is the recipe that our mother made for us and we have made ourselves through the years. I make it every Christmas. --Sometimes, I don't even eat them all myself, but not often. I always make the "fingers" - I think they are flakier and very "short" as in "like a shortbread cookie"


For Jessi's Cooky Swap, I am using an old fashioned cooky--Chocolate Crinkles.

Have you noticed there are two ways to spell cooky/cookie?

I looked it up and found both ways are acceptable.

Now, as for the recipe.........

From this book, First Edition 1963,

I found they are best cooked shortly before eating. They need airtight storage, or they dry out quickly.



Monday, November 30, 2009

Inspiration Apron Swap

Here is the apron from a Silver Bella swap. Each of the participants made a 3x5 piece of fabric art. We mailed them to Valita and she made this apron for each of us. It was inspired by the apron that Rebecca Sower created in the magazine, Art Quilting Studio by Stampington & Co. The waistband and ties were made with coordinating fabrics that we sent to her.

Thank you Valita for this work of art that we will each cherish.