Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Images

As Christmas is upon us, I want to post a few Christmas photos in some places throughout my house.

This first is in the entryway.

Then, turning into the dining room....I have a little tree with a lot of swaps from Silver Bella in years past.

This tray holds the banner made in Pam Garrison's class.

And this was the inspiration for the whole room--my new favorite color--tarnished Sterling. I am appreciating the patina in a way my mother would not have understood. No stress over the tarnish!

Included here is a project from Silver Bella 2007 and an Amy Powers sparkly house.
My Bella Holiday Fabric Fatbook blended right in with its colors--
In the kitchen area, a couple of little trees on the counter have pretty much the same colors--

Thanks for taking a wee tour with me.

All my good wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas to you all.



  1. Thanks for the peek into you home - it is beautiful!
    Wishing you the warmest holidays - both you and Elizabeth xo!

  2. Your home is beautiful and filled with Christmas cheer. Happiest of holidays to you and Elizabeth!

  3. Having seen all these beautiful things in person, I can say that these photos do not do your home or your decorations justice....they are GORGEOUS! I'm still enjoying my visit there over and over in my head and am currently wondering why I never got one of those metallic Christmas trees!!! Your home is delicious...and thanks for sharing it. Let's do make some of these things together!! Have a Happy visit with your children....pat

  4. Oh, I love your house! The white rooms are beautiful and I agree about the tarnished silver!
    Happy holidays,
    Sharon :-)

  5. Dear Carol, Your comment was so sweet on my giveaway post. Some of mine are headed your way. They aren't in your beautiful white color pallet, but I do believe they will bring you good cheer! Merry Christmas, Elizabeth PS Your beautiful home is what dreams are made for!

  6. Carol, EAK! I am so embarrassed to realize that I don't have your address because I recall you sent a self-addressed one with your tags. I forgot to write it down in my Memory Keepers book. I have your envelope all ready to mail if you can provide your address to Thanks so much for making my day! I am so happy to send these to you! E