Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scrappi Jessi's 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange

Today's the day--December 3, 2009. Do you have your receipe cards ready? Be sure to visit all of the blogs for delicious cookie recipes.

Elizabeth and Carol are ready for their first "cookie party" - It is hosted by Jessi. They have scoured the cook books to find their favorite.

They have their bowl and spoons ready!

The have found the cookie cutters but think they make great chairs!

They have collected the cooking supplies- roller,cutter,cookie board, frosting and sprinkles.
No, wait!!- those are their art supplies,-- back to the kitchen!

In the "old" new cookbook, is where my favorite cookie recipe resides. The recipe is a little different in the "newer" new cookbook, and I prefer the original one.

This is the recipe that our mother made for us and we have made ourselves through the years. I make it every Christmas. --Sometimes, I don't even eat them all myself, but not often. I always make the "fingers" - I think they are flakier and very "short" as in "like a shortbread cookie"


For Jessi's Cooky Swap, I am using an old fashioned cooky--Chocolate Crinkles.

Have you noticed there are two ways to spell cooky/cookie?

I looked it up and found both ways are acceptable.

Now, as for the recipe.........

From this book, First Edition 1963,

I found they are best cooked shortly before eating. They need airtight storage, or they dry out quickly.




  1. Elizabeth and Carol, What a wonderful idea! Your contribution is so charming. Favorite recipes for sure. Carol, I received your beautiful tags today. Truly, I gasped when I opened the tissue paper. Such fine details coming together as only you can. Simply perfect! I can't wait to send all of the tags off in the mail. Thank you also for your kindest gesture of images and trims and the ledger paper. What a treasure, I have never seen one in person. I have included the beautiful stars and silver paper cup in my winter white scene. Again, an embarrassment of riches. Thank you so much for lending your talent to our tag swap. The happiest of holiday seasons to you! Elizabeth

  2. EEEKKK so stinken cute girls!!!
    love both of the cookies.
    thanks for playing along.
    have fun, i know you two will

  3. ohhh two fav cookies!!! my daughter lovessss sandies and i love any chocolate cookie!!! and your photos are adorable!!!!

    happy baking!

  4. Hey chickadees! Omg that is sooo cute! haha Love the recipes never had either one of them so hopefully I can get to make them! Big hugs


  5. Love how you posted those cute dolls with the cooking supplies.

    And the cookbooks and recipes - love those - thanks for sharing.

    Scrolled down and saw all your Bella goodies - what fun!

  6. I have both of the cookbooks you have here! Love your cute dolls and recipes too! Having fun at the cookie swap today! :)mendy

  7. Oh I luv Sandies...yum!
    Was a delight to meet you both at Silver Bella
    Catherine Mama of Cristina :)

  8. I love how you photographed everything! Those both look really good!


  9. will there be chocolate crinkles when we come to visit?? those are my favorite, even though i especially appreciate aunt betty's sandies (and especially the source--BH&G cookbook!).