Friday, July 31, 2009

Sewing Ephemera

When I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law last week, they gave me these sewing notions. They had recently gone to help out at her grandmother's estate sale. They found these goodies for me and brought them back. My son really "gets" my hobby and what it means to me. They were both very sweet to be thinking of me and bring these things back with them. These items are very special since they are from family.

Vintage Magazine Images

The Delineator October 1920

McCall's June 1921

Ladies' Home Journal August 1932

Ladies' Home Journal May 1931

Hope you enjoy these images from my vintage magazine collection.
I will be posting more of these for you to use as you wish.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Texas Summer Vacation

The pilots on our flight to Texas appeared to be fairly new to the job.
I am sure their enthusiasm made up for any lack of skill.

My daughter, her two oldest children and I
went to see my son and his wife and their "kids".

We went to Sea World in San Antonio.
I imagine a lot of you know what that was like in July in Texas.

One day my son took us on a little train ride.

It was a nice morning in the shade waiting for the train.

Teri made ice cream with lots of help- especially for eating it.

Even Buster was cooling off in his pool.

We ate out

and we ate in

The neighborhood pool was a big hit on an 107 degree day.

It was a very fun and busy 5 days.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Drawing Results

Happy Birthday to me
and cake to you and
presents to our winners!

and our winners are......

Heather and Loretta


Heather will receive the hanging felted wool heart
and Loretta will receive the 20 squares of felted wool.

Thanks to all of you who played along with us.
We appreciate you and hope to do more give-a-ways soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweater Felting

This delicious rainbow of colors is a row of felted sweater arms.

For a bunting banner I made, with inspiration from here (I'm bedazzled by her projects), I cut lots of little pieces in my favorite pastels.

Added just a few buttons and bits of lace and trim,

and attatched to some vintage wool lace.

And voila....Easy to do and makes a good sampler of the colors and textures one has available.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Funny Image

I found this image while searching for little girl images, and can't stop laughing everytime I look at it. Must think of the perfect project for her. She looks like she just "gave out"....too much posing. Maybe you can thing of something special for her. Any ideas?

Remember to leave a comment. We will enter all comments until Sunday night.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer's Yield

I would love to have a giant garden of summer and fall vegetables, but point of fact, I don't want to spend the time, don't like the hottest parts of the day, and if there are red bugs/chiggers out there, they will find me for sure!

So---I optimistically plant a few things in pots on the patio. My favorites, because they never fail to produce, are Sweet Banana Peppers.

I have one Sweet Bell Pepper planted in the middle, but I've only harvested 2 little babes so far.

The Banana Peppers are so prolific. My favorite recipe is to mix up a good albacore/tune salad; cut off just the top of the pepper, take out the core; and fill with the tuna salad. It's so perfect to mix up a bunch for a picnic (wrap each one in plastic wrap for no muss) to eat out of hand.

I sprinkled a bit of Salad Supreme on top for color and flavor. Chill.
Neat, huh?

Nice and crunchy and good for a pot luck summer supper.
Don't forget to leave a comment for the drawing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Countdown to Birthday give-a-way

Presents? Yes, presents. We are having a birthday give-away.

Pictured below are the two items for the give-away.

Carol made the first out of felted wool, stitched layers together with some padding in the center, and embroidered a die cut flower on top.

The heart measures 6 1/2" from top to bottom.

Elizabeth's gift is a set of sweater felted pieces:

These 20 felted wool sweater pieces are a little over 4x5 inches each.
The four felt flowers are 2 inches each
These are all cut up from wool sweaters
that have been washed in hot water to felt.
The plan is: Make a comment on any post from this one (July 22) through Sunday (July 26), and we will draw 2 numbers on Monday. We will post the winners on Tuesday (July 28). Please be sure your email is available so that we can contact you.

Elizabeth and Carol

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Grandson's Visit

My sweet grandson, Evan, came for a 9 day visit.

A grandmother is obliged to provide a certain amount of special sweets.....cupcakes.....

And sherbet, his favorite....

After all the sugar, we need to get a little outside exercise.

How about a walk across the Arkansas River? This is the longest bridge in the world built just for walkers and bicycles. It's really interesting as it goes right over the Murry Lock and Dam, and often, barges and boats are going through the lock.

Nothing like a cool dip on a hot Arkansas summer day.

Legos are the favorite and cover any and all horizontal surfaces.

We attended the Central Arkansas Book Sale, and Evan found lots of good stuff. Who could go wrong with $1 for hard backs and 50 cents on paperbacks?

Halfway through Evan's visit, Mommy (my daughter) arrived.

Woohoo. She's a terrific cook, and we dined on a higher level than when I was doing the menu planning.

One evening's fare included fish tacos. I never knew there was such. My loss all this time. They are fabulous--especially done with Talapia.

Mimi (that's me) was trying to help Evan with his knitting.
My competition was a Sponge Bob marathon on tv. Doesn't help with concentration. We finally gave it up.
Evan and Tuffley going to bed on the last night.....

The Indiana fedora was decided to be the perfect headcovering for the trip home.
Breakfast at the airport.
And now, accompanied by Mommy, he's on his way home.

Daddy is happily waiting, but a grandmother is sad.....and a bit weepy.But summer vacations contain so much joy, the sad endings just have to be endured.

Thinking about the next visit does keep one's chin up.