Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Texas Summer Vacation

The pilots on our flight to Texas appeared to be fairly new to the job.
I am sure their enthusiasm made up for any lack of skill.

My daughter, her two oldest children and I
went to see my son and his wife and their "kids".

We went to Sea World in San Antonio.
I imagine a lot of you know what that was like in July in Texas.

One day my son took us on a little train ride.

It was a nice morning in the shade waiting for the train.

Teri made ice cream with lots of help- especially for eating it.

Even Buster was cooling off in his pool.

We ate out

and we ate in

The neighborhood pool was a big hit on an 107 degree day.

It was a very fun and busy 5 days.


  1. Very cute pictures, we absolutely love your tag lines! Thanks for coming to visit us - we had a wonderful time!!!
    Stephen, Teri, Buster, & Tori

  2. Dear Elizabeth! Your comment about my "block" invitation is very appreciated and heart felt. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I have signed up for my first swap and have nearly talked myself out of it on a minute by minute basis. The joy for me in my project is to send a thank you to each Dear Reader who has spent a moment reading my stories. If your confidence fails you, then I will send you a block regardless. I do hope you know that I will treasure each and every block because of who they come from not because of how they look. I do hope you take this chance! I am your biggest cheerleader! Elizabeth