Monday, July 6, 2009

Handcrafted Fantastic Foto Cards

Some of my cards have shown up in this lovely magazine. When the magazine arrived I was quite surprised to see these cards inside. They originally appeared in the winter 2007 of Take Ten Magazine. "Handcrafted" magazine contains articles that have preciously appeared in another one of Stampington and Company's magazines. I have been very fortunate to have had articles in 3 Handcrafted issues due to previous cards and artwork in either Stampers' Sampler or Take Ten.

I submitted the card above to Stampers' Sampler. The editor called me and requested more cards of the same style ( cut-out kids with quotes) I quickly made more and submitted them. They were published in a 2007 Take Ten. I used to think I always needed smiling pictures of the grand kids, but I so loved this rather pouty picture of Alexa and when I found the quote in a favorite poem book, I knew they needed to go together. Alexa always did "stare'' a lot.

I love taking pictures of my grand kids and for 6 years I have been taking pictures like this- that I could cut out. The kids all know where the "picture" wall is and will go stand by it so that I can get the best shot without lots of "background" stuff that is difficult to cut out- especially around their hair and fingers.

Humor me while I show you close ups of these favorite cards of my grand kids. The picture in the magazine above of the cowboy is of Carol's precious grandson.

And finally two more - You can click on these for a closer look.

thanks so much for looking,


  1. These are wonderful and congratulations on getting them published.

  2. Darling children! I didn't realize you two are going to Silver Bella! I'll see you there.

  3. Your cards are a delight! Being pubbed in anything by Stampington/Somerset is such an honor! Congrats!