Monday, July 20, 2009

A Grandson's Visit

My sweet grandson, Evan, came for a 9 day visit.

A grandmother is obliged to provide a certain amount of special sweets.....cupcakes.....

And sherbet, his favorite....

After all the sugar, we need to get a little outside exercise.

How about a walk across the Arkansas River? This is the longest bridge in the world built just for walkers and bicycles. It's really interesting as it goes right over the Murry Lock and Dam, and often, barges and boats are going through the lock.

Nothing like a cool dip on a hot Arkansas summer day.

Legos are the favorite and cover any and all horizontal surfaces.

We attended the Central Arkansas Book Sale, and Evan found lots of good stuff. Who could go wrong with $1 for hard backs and 50 cents on paperbacks?

Halfway through Evan's visit, Mommy (my daughter) arrived.

Woohoo. She's a terrific cook, and we dined on a higher level than when I was doing the menu planning.

One evening's fare included fish tacos. I never knew there was such. My loss all this time. They are fabulous--especially done with Talapia.

Mimi (that's me) was trying to help Evan with his knitting.
My competition was a Sponge Bob marathon on tv. Doesn't help with concentration. We finally gave it up.
Evan and Tuffley going to bed on the last night.....

The Indiana fedora was decided to be the perfect headcovering for the trip home.
Breakfast at the airport.
And now, accompanied by Mommy, he's on his way home.

Daddy is happily waiting, but a grandmother is sad.....and a bit weepy.But summer vacations contain so much joy, the sad endings just have to be endured.

Thinking about the next visit does keep one's chin up.



  1. Awww. A very nice recap to a wonderful stay. Evan was a bit weepy, too. I'll send some more pictures later today. I still have a few that you don't have.

  2. i miss you, too, Mimi. (And so does Tuffley, "Uga Wuga.")
    Love, Evan

  3. Carol and Betty! I'm going to try (again) to connect with you about your blog here... Carol, great (I mean GREAT) shots of Evan. I especially liked the backview of him heading off in the airport with his Raders Of the Lost Ark hat and Tuffy stuffed in his backpack (zipper ajar so Tuffy could breathe). He's too cute. And Betty, I loved your mosaic cards!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite posting was the posing-of-the-dollies-on-a-doily as you and Carol eating ice cream, with the dialog to boot. You're funny! I love this blog. Maybe one day when I grow up I will have one, too. Hugs, -Becky

  4. Evan is such a handsome little guy. You must be so proud of him. I'm so glad you had this time to spend with him and have many happy memories of his visit. It looks like you did lots of fun activities. Thanks for the great pictures! Twyla

  5. What a fun visit! Fish Tacos are one of my favorite dinners! Tilapia is tasty, but I love them most with mahi mahi or ahi!