Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice Cream Social

Carol and Elizabeth were having a perfectly lovely ice cream party with a couple of friends, when Elizabeth remarked that she had heard of a wondrous place where a Giant Ice Cream Sunday resided. So off they went to look for it. Never let it be said that they would be satisfied with a little ice cream when they could have a lot.

Here they are - having found the magical enormous ice cream.

"Wait, Elizabeth, what are you doing?"

"Hurry on up, Carol, this is yummy"

And so, our story ends, as Carol and Elizabeth enjoy endless spoonfuls of strawberry surprise, thinking not of the spoonfuls of Mylanta that may come later this evening.

If we cannot eat all the ice cream we want, how about paper ice cream cones. Then we can have as much as we want. These cones were stamped 3 times each. The bottom cone part was colored with watercolor pencils and the ice cream was stamped on patterned paper and glued to the original cone.

This is Elizabeth's grandson, Blakie, who is 20 months. I babysat him this past Saturday and we played in his backyard. Papa came over with homemade ice cream ( leftover from the 4th) and you can see that Blakie is very fond of ice cream. Oh, yeah!

"More, please"
It was nice that the hose and his little pool were handy for clean-up.

This is Carol's grandson enjoying an ice cream at Snookies in Des Moines. Looks yummy!

Hard to beat freckles and ice cream on a summer's day.

I think he would like to have one as big as the one in the corner.

This is the ice cream bowl and spoon that I gave my husband in 1986. From then on, everytime he had ice cream, he used this bowl and spoon.

Carol and Elizabeth

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  1. Awwww...super fun & EXTRA sweet post! :) I love Carol and Elizabeth diving right into the strawberry ice cream. tee! hee! I hear ya on the Mylanta! Dairy is NOT easy on the tummy! LOL!!! The grandchildren look adorable enjoying their ice cream. I dont know a child that doesn't enjoy it! Thanks for participating!!! Happy Summer!! XO,Jenn

  2. Cute post. I enjoyed seeing Carol and Elizabeth have a great time with the ice cream. The grandkids are precious. I would also love that huge cone since I have a fondness for soft serve vanilla.

    The ice cream bowl and spoon that you gave DH are both so cute.

    Stop by my party and enjoys some homemade ice cream.

  3. very cute post!!!!

    I loved the story and the dolls :)
    It was wonderful to visit your blog.....Sheri

  4. What adorable post! The kids and their ice cream are cherished memories aren't they? If only they could stay so small!! I miss mine all sticky! And compliments on the fabulous banner to! Lori

  5. hey dolls,
    eeekk so stinken cute!!!
    happy ice cream day.

  6. I love the dolls eating their ice cream - so cute.

    And the kids sure look like they are having fun!

  7. What a darling story and I love every bit of it! Too bad about the Mylanta but it's so totally worth it!

    Deanna :D

  8. I am suddenly hungry for some ice cream!!!!
    I loved the story!

    Ann Marie

  9. What a fabulous post...
    and there is absolutely not much better than freckles and ice cream!! ;O)
    Come have ice cream with me....
    xo bj

  10. I love the ice cream bowl and spoon you gave your husband! Sweet post with the boys ;)


  11. The ice cream looks good, but I am drooling over that ice cream cone banner. You did a beautiful job on it! I love it! I've enjoyed my visit here today. Have a great day! Twyla

  12. Cute post. Love the little fairies :-) My mom has a bowl just like that last one you showed! Love the "ice cream beard".

  13. Hi,
    I love the ice cream adventures of Carol & Elizabeth, very sweet & funny. Kids & ice cream always go together. Happy Ice Cream partying !
    ~Myrna 8-)

  14. Oh how lovely! Your ice cream garland is just beautiful - I am so glad I joined in this party - such beautiful posts!!!