Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colors of Glass

Here is another collection. I have quite a fondness for colored glass and for bottles.
Here are some of my pieces.

Any blue glass collection is not complete without the lovely "Evening in Paris" bottle.

these are just a few of the vintage clear bottles- not as pretty as colored, but certainly have their own appeal.

I also have a collection of colored wine glasses. These are just the blue and green ones. They do get used now and then on a pretty table. I like the mixed look of using different goblets at each place setting.

Thanks for letting me share them with you,



  1. oooh what a great collection. I love clear ones with embossed writing on them, they are all over our kitchen.

  2. I love your blue bottle collection. Those colored wine glasses are so pretty too! I bet they do look beautiful on a table. Twyla