Sunday, August 30, 2009

A View of Venice

When my daughter and husband returned from Venice with striking and vibrant photos, and especially of doorways and windows, I knew the images called for their own book.

I made the pages of kraft grocery bags, and the book measures about 9" tall.

The cover has a little window that actually opens.

I've seen this image before. I love how it photographs.

Even the pigeons are helpful in staging a shot.

Kelly even caught Mark walking by a doorway.

I've not been to Italy, but I love gazing at the pictures and can almost transport myself to that beautiful city.

posted by Carol

Saturday, August 29, 2009

vintage magazine advertisements

McCall's June 1921
This would be really beautiful in color.

McCall's June 1921
I love the kids in the envelope!

Ladies' Home Journal - April 1909
I wonder if anyone has heard of Siegel-Cooper department store in NY. It must have been pretty nice in its day.

The Delineator - June 1900
This bow could not get any bigger and still stay in the ad. I wonder if you could get through doorways. I guess it was a steal for $1.99

These are more from my personal collection of vintage magazines.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hidden Fairies

Carol gave me this book for my birthday last month. It is a beautiful pop-up book for adults. Here are some parts of the pop-up pages. There are lots of hidden fairies everywhere.

I guess my family knows me well, because several years ago, my daughter gave me the book below, which is by the same author.
Here is a peek inside.

During my visit with Carol a couple of week ago, I took a few pictures around the outside of her house. They could be fairies hidden here too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Water Babes

Before summer is over, I wanted to share these summer bathing beauties. The girl second from the right in the white suit is our Mother. She is with her best friends. They had fun at a lake each summer in central Florida. They were friends all their lives. They are all now deceased. But I did not want to forget this picture and how much fun they had together.

Here is another vintage picture of some bathing beauties.


Monday, August 24, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Heidi Ann

of Gold County Girls

She is the winner of our give-a-way during the "OZ" event below.

She will receive this hand sewn and embroidered wool tag handmade by Carol.

Elizabeth is also a "Winner"
A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth received this package of vintage items, shown below. She won it from Wanda's blog - The Rat's Pajamas. It included lovely vintage lace and buttons and a tiny bird on a branch charm.
Thank You, Wanda

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gala and a give-a-way

Thanks for joining us today. We will start with another sweet and continuing story of Carol and Elizabeth and their many adventures.... ( not a single witch was harmed during the filming of this story)

One bright sunny day, "Carol of the East" and "Elizabeth of the West" were having a very cozy chat in the meadow. They were sipping on their "Emerald-itas" and sponge cakes. YUM!

When suddenly they heard a small cry of despair and a little girl came running into the meadow asking for help. She said her name was Dorothy and she had lost her inspiration for ART. She could not seem to paint, draw, or sew a single thing that truly made her happy. She had heard on one of her many art blogs, that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz would be able to give her the creativity she so desired. She asked our help in finding the elusive Wizard.

We took Dorothy in hand and we all started down the yellow brick road to find Emerald City, the Wizard and hopefully Dorothy's lost creativity.

Soon we spotted Emerald City and there he was!

This Wizard was a real "Cutey." Oh, my, our hearts began to beat just a little faster.

He gave us an audience and Dorothy asked for his help. He told her that everything she needed was "inside" her. If she would just close her eyes, click her heels together, and feel the creativity flow through her fingers. Ideas would form, colors would blend, and glitter would cover everything.

Dorothy was now ready to go home and make art. "Carol of the East" had crocheted a beautiful blue magic carpet. We took Dorothy home on it. It felt just like a roller coaster so we all raised our hands and flew though the sky.

Here is the VCR tape I have had since the 80s - Love this movie!!

And now for our give-a-way.
Carol has hand sewn a lovely tag full of embroidery and beading.

If you make a comment today and through Sunday night at midnight central time, we will draw on Monday. Please be sure we can access your e-mail address. If you are the winner, we will e-mail you on Monday to ask for your snail mail address.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks to Twyla and Lindsey for hosting this party.

Carol and Elizabeth

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anniversary Plaque

For the 25th anniversary of the florist shop of my friend, there was an open house. One could not go without creating a tribute of some kind.

Here, I used a wooden base/tag shape (from Michael's), covered with my favorite paper from foof-a-la ; and then, layered on top an embroidered heart.

I'm loving to do these right now.
Fair warning, if I'm doing any projects in the near future, they will probably have some sort of embroidery like this.

The backside is covered with a vintage catalog page and a cut out Mary Englebreit calendar image.
Then, wrapped it up (my favorite part) with this embossed kraft paper, white paper lace, and buttons strung onto yarn.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage Hosiery Advertisements

Metropolitan November 1920

Ladies' Home Journal 1931

McCall's December 1924

McCall's November 1959

McCall's December 1924

McCall's November 1959

Enjoy more magazine advertisements