Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gala and a give-a-way

Thanks for joining us today. We will start with another sweet and continuing story of Carol and Elizabeth and their many adventures.... ( not a single witch was harmed during the filming of this story)

One bright sunny day, "Carol of the East" and "Elizabeth of the West" were having a very cozy chat in the meadow. They were sipping on their "Emerald-itas" and sponge cakes. YUM!

When suddenly they heard a small cry of despair and a little girl came running into the meadow asking for help. She said her name was Dorothy and she had lost her inspiration for ART. She could not seem to paint, draw, or sew a single thing that truly made her happy. She had heard on one of her many art blogs, that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz would be able to give her the creativity she so desired. She asked our help in finding the elusive Wizard.

We took Dorothy in hand and we all started down the yellow brick road to find Emerald City, the Wizard and hopefully Dorothy's lost creativity.

Soon we spotted Emerald City and there he was!

This Wizard was a real "Cutey." Oh, my, our hearts began to beat just a little faster.

He gave us an audience and Dorothy asked for his help. He told her that everything she needed was "inside" her. If she would just close her eyes, click her heels together, and feel the creativity flow through her fingers. Ideas would form, colors would blend, and glitter would cover everything.

Dorothy was now ready to go home and make art. "Carol of the East" had crocheted a beautiful blue magic carpet. We took Dorothy home on it. It felt just like a roller coaster so we all raised our hands and flew though the sky.

Here is the VCR tape I have had since the 80s - Love this movie!!

And now for our give-a-way.
Carol has hand sewn a lovely tag full of embroidery and beading.

If you make a comment today and through Sunday night at midnight central time, we will draw on Monday. Please be sure we can access your e-mail address. If you are the winner, we will e-mail you on Monday to ask for your snail mail address.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks to Twyla and Lindsey for hosting this party.

Carol and Elizabeth


  1. Well I did enjoy that! Nothing like having fun with a story ... it's amazing how different the posts are.
    Sandi (email through my website)

  2. Ooooh- pick me pick me. Lovely tag! I am hosting a WoO giveaway too- hope you will drop by. Love your post, I have several of those sweet little characters myself.

  3. Happy Oz Gala Day!

    Loved the Oz Dollies and the story!

    I'm having a wee give~away too! ;D

  4. Ha-ha-ha! Love it! That Wizard is a real cutey!Isn't this fun? Glad to meet you, Carol and elizabeth! I've never been by your place before! ♥

  5. Oh, I LOVE dolls and yours are precious! Love the Wizard....he's a cutie!

    Happy Gala! Visit me!

  6. Carol and Elizabeth, this story is so sweet! I'm so glad Dorothy got her creativity back! Such a cute picture of them on the magic carpet. Thank you for participating in our celebration today! Twyla

  7. So lovely to meet you both all the way from England over the blogosphere! The dolls are too cute and I love your banner photographs they are fantastic! Happy WoO day to you both x

  8. How fun!! I love, love the Wizard and your two cute witches. I found a Dorothy like yours last weekend. Looks like I need to keep my eyes out for the whole collection. Have a wonderful Wizard of Oz weekend!

  9. Happy wizard of oz Gala!!!
    Loved the Oz dollies.
    Magical hugs.

  10. What a precious little story you have told today. I think we all have our moments when we search for our creative inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Take a look at my quilts!

  11. Those little doll vignettes are just the cutest! Happy Oz Gala!

  12. Hi,
    I enjoy the adventures of Carol & Elizabeth,this was a great episode.The pics are wonderful.I have had a great time time at your party, Thanks for joining mine and leaving the sweet comment.Please enter me in your beautiful give-away.
    ps I have collected the MacDonalds dolls also,They are great!

  13. Love how you did the cute story with the adorable dolls - good collection there.

    Great vcr cover.

    Giveaway looks fantastic - my email is on my blog in about me section.

    Thanks for fun celebration!

  14. Loved your posting that was OH SO CUTE!!!! And the cutie wizard was a real "doll" lol! My favorite was the emerald-ritas!

    Very pretty tag give away also!
    Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my Glinda inspired jewelry :)

  15. How creative! What a cute little story in honor of the Oz party! One of the best ones I've seen!

  16. Oh your story is so fabulous! How gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  17. Dear Carol and Elizabeth- I LOVED your story and your dolls are precious!

  18. Hi there,

    thanks for your comment on my blog today :-)

    This is a fab post for the Wizard of Oz Gala!

    Rose XXX

  19. What a lovely tag! And really cute dolls! I love those! Thank you for participating in our party!


  20. Now I know what to do when I experience creativity block! JUST VISIT THE WIZARD

    Cute story, and cute characters.

    Best Wishes,