Saturday, August 15, 2009

Becky's Bags

Our friend, Becky Mitchum ( also see Gretel ), has created for Elizabeth and me these fabulous tote bags.
Not only were these her own original designs, she hand painted them, adding vibrant colors, glitter, jewels, and bells.
Aren't they treasures?
Check out my shopping list........"more crap".

Check out the lace right above those pink beribboned ankles!
We are so in love with our gorgeous, whimsical bags.
If you are as enchanted with these bags as we are, you may inquire about them to Becky at

posted by Elizabeth & Carol


  1. Oh! How flattered I am to see you liked your "bag ladies" enough to post their photos on your sweet blog! I'm so glad to know they have each gone to a wonderful home.

    You and Betty take great photos - I love your photos that look like a collage of buttons and needful-things from the thrift store. And I loved Betty's poem DRUM ROLL. Yes! How fast the time "from our fingertips" flies.

    I went back and checked out some older posts, too. Bravo, gals! :) I'm so glad I have friends like you. -becky

  2. wow - great bags! Becky sure is talented.
    Love hearing about your visit together!