Monday, August 10, 2009

Gretel's Portrait

My dear friend, Becky, has painted a portrait (16"X20") for my kitty, Gretel.

Becky intended for me to hang it near Gretel's litter box, so that she could gaze upon it while using the facilities. While that is a sweet intention, there is just NO WAY I was going to do that! It hangs in my family room, and Gretel can just admire it there.

My photography skills are non existant so I'm not showing Becky's talents to their best advantage. Be sure to click the photo to enlarge.

The words, which are hard to capture in the light, say, "PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" and are raised. You can feel them.
Oh, and the little mouse on her head? He's playing a violin.

The violin is another one of Becky's amazing list of talents, along with being an artist, calligrapher, handpainted art on jeans-- , her new (not even finished yet) website, and an amazing and original sense of humor.



  1. What a sweet thing for Becky to do! I'm sure Gretel appreciates it too. I checked out Becky's website. She is a very talented lady, you are lucky to have her as a friend. Twyla

  2. Carol, I am just so delighted to know about your blog. A quick pop over and I am lost in wonderfulness. What a special painting of your cat. What a talented friend. Speaking of talent... my goodness was I amazed by the detail of your heart block! I just can't stop myself from picking it up again and again because I have missed something. I can't tell you how honored I am that you have sent me something I know could not have been easy to part with. I love your comment, "When that train gets going..." I finished the back of all of my blocks, too. Again, thanks for helping me celebrate my most amazing year in such an amazing community of women. Elizabeth