Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paper doll Brides for Silver Bella

Carol and I are hosting a Paper doll swap for Silver Bella. This bride doll is my contribution. Carol showed you the one she made here. I thought I would show you how this paper doll came together.

The above fashion plate came from my copy of a November 1897 Delineator. I made several copies. I cut the bodice and arms from the Bride and glued them to cardboard.

Then they were cut out with a little point below the waist on which to sew the skirt.
Below are the various skirts I made with vintage laces and a satin underskirt.
I glued the skirts behind the waist and added more trim and some satin to cover the point. Narrow lace was glued on the bodice with some glitter in the printed folds of the bodice. Some dolls have lace veils and some have tulle.

Each doll was given a bouquet of white flowers and pearl stems. - oh, yes, a bow on the back, some pearl bracelets and a pearl heart brooch. They will stand up over a long neck bottle, since they have a narrow satin underskirt.
And finally here is the bride all wrapped up and ready for giving in a clear bag with lots of lace and tulle trims.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Have fun this weekend-
Hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!

Elizabeth and Carol

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vestiges of Fall

Yesterday afternoon, I took my camera and walked around the house finding some beautiful images of Fall. In the late afternoon, the sun's angle causes a glittery light through the leaves. I think it is the most beautiful time of day in the Autumn.

And we cannot leave out these guys. They are also a common sign at this time of year.
At least they are appropriately colored for Fall.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Here are just some of the wonderful things I received from my swap partner, Kathy. None of my pictures due them justice. Everything was wrapped in a large piece of burlap. the "BOO" garland is made of 3 triangles of "designer" burlap. It has wavy stitched patterns in the burlap.
The "cupcake" looking things are another garland with card stock triangles covered with pattern tissue and various trims, and grunge board with chalkpaint and attached with Velcro, so it can be changed. Very cool !

This glittery candy corn cone was filled with homemade chocolate bat pops, a candy corn pen, orange wooden fruit, and a bat mask.

She did an "Alice" theme and covered a tin can above with book pages and a fine covering of glitter. the handle is darling french ribbon printed with "Alice" phrases. Below is a transfer panel she made.

She created the button bundles above with vintage text.

There was lots of trim. She is a quilter and fabric artist. the bag above was filled with beige bows and you can see some of the trims below. You cannot see how lovely some of the velvet ribbons were, however.
Now, these below are my favorites - tiny wool pin cushions. She used bottle caps for the bottoms - One is a spider web with spider and the other is a "starry night" theme.

She painted the head below and wrapped it with more french ribbon.

I had a wonderful talented partner. Thank you very much, Kathy.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

A birthday gift

My sweet Daughter-In-Law had a birthday several days ago, and she said she would like to have something I made. Oh, my Dear, what treasured words to a crafter's ears!!

I suggested one of my little hearts sewed in some favorite colors. How about black and pink?

And she loves butterflies; so, the silver one in the middle.

And this is the backside.

I made it for her to hang from her car's rear view mirror. It will sparkle in the light.

I haven't mailed it off to her as yet.
This is letting the cat out of the bag. Oh well...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayers for Blakie

Here is my grandson who turned 2 last Saturday, Oct 10th. He will be having kidney surgery on Friday morning. If you want to send any prayers or healing thoughts his way, we would welcome them. His surgery is at Children's hospital and will last about 4 hours.

Blake is a very sweet little boy. The picture above was taken Wednesday morning, just before we headed to the mall to let him get a bear at Build-a- Bear. Below he is handing back his bear for its final stitching. We then took him for a photo setting and we got some very good pictures.
Below he is in his Halloween costume of a Dino.

Below, he is playing with his older brother's fireman stuff.

Thanks for reading this and thank you very much for any prayers and well wishes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swap #4

Here we are at the swap my sister, Elizabeth and I are hosting.

The Bella Paper Doll Swap. One would have thought I would have had a better handle on what I wanted to do--beings that it was our own swap; however, I did not have a clue. I fretted the whole time, discarding one idea after another, until I had finished all the other swaps. Finally, I had to get a grip and make a decision.

These are the little missys that were the final products.

The assignment didn't have any parameters as to size or type of paper doll. We could dress and embellish our paper dolls as we wished.

I used the Lottie stamp from Pink Persimmon. She spoke to me with such a sweet personality.

The layers of apricot/salmon fabric were from a formal dress that I thrifted.

The lace is a dark brown color--it looks black, but it's brown.

I strung dark brown wooden beads for her "brown pearl"necklace.

And her little headband was made from the spaghetti straps on the original evening dress.

By the time I finish with these swaps, I've become quite fond of each one.

Lottie seems happy to being all dressed up for Silver Bella.

I added a little shawl of glittered tulle, and a few glass beads sewn along the bottom front....
And then, there is the packaging.
I wanted her to be seen through the finished gift wrap, so, I stitched the cello on top on the kraft paper, and made the closure with a little matching yo-yo and tulle at the top with my Moo card.
She's all ready for her trip to the Swap Night.

Now, to gather all the "stuff" we will need for our exciting classes of Silver Bella.