Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paper doll Brides for Silver Bella

Carol and I are hosting a Paper doll swap for Silver Bella. This bride doll is my contribution. Carol showed you the one she made here. I thought I would show you how this paper doll came together.

The above fashion plate came from my copy of a November 1897 Delineator. I made several copies. I cut the bodice and arms from the Bride and glued them to cardboard.

Then they were cut out with a little point below the waist on which to sew the skirt.
Below are the various skirts I made with vintage laces and a satin underskirt.
I glued the skirts behind the waist and added more trim and some satin to cover the point. Narrow lace was glued on the bodice with some glitter in the printed folds of the bodice. Some dolls have lace veils and some have tulle.

Each doll was given a bouquet of white flowers and pearl stems. - oh, yes, a bow on the back, some pearl bracelets and a pearl heart brooch. They will stand up over a long neck bottle, since they have a narrow satin underskirt.
And finally here is the bride all wrapped up and ready for giving in a clear bag with lots of lace and tulle trims.
Thanks for looking.


  1. She's lovely, and I really like the presentation, that background is just right for her.

  2. So put my packaging to shame! What a vintage ROCKstar you are!!!!!

  3. This project is wonderful, I love these dolls, absolutely AMAZING!
    Magic and Joy,

  4. Beautiful dolls, can't wait to see them all soon!

  5. You two are going to tear up the town! Have fun and be sure to keep "the rest of us" posted!

  6. Oh how cool!!! I've been a lace kick too! Must be something in the air... :D Marva