Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swap #4

Here we are at the swap my sister, Elizabeth and I are hosting.

The Bella Paper Doll Swap. One would have thought I would have had a better handle on what I wanted to do--beings that it was our own swap; however, I did not have a clue. I fretted the whole time, discarding one idea after another, until I had finished all the other swaps. Finally, I had to get a grip and make a decision.

These are the little missys that were the final products.

The assignment didn't have any parameters as to size or type of paper doll. We could dress and embellish our paper dolls as we wished.

I used the Lottie stamp from Pink Persimmon. She spoke to me with such a sweet personality.

The layers of apricot/salmon fabric were from a formal dress that I thrifted.

The lace is a dark brown color--it looks black, but it's brown.

I strung dark brown wooden beads for her "brown pearl"necklace.

And her little headband was made from the spaghetti straps on the original evening dress.

By the time I finish with these swaps, I've become quite fond of each one.

Lottie seems happy to being all dressed up for Silver Bella.

I added a little shawl of glittered tulle, and a few glass beads sewn along the bottom front....
And then, there is the packaging.
I wanted her to be seen through the finished gift wrap, so, I stitched the cello on top on the kraft paper, and made the closure with a little matching yo-yo and tulle at the top with my Moo card.
She's all ready for her trip to the Swap Night.

Now, to gather all the "stuff" we will need for our exciting classes of Silver Bella.


  1. Carol, she's absolutely adorable. I love how you used a thrifted dress to create her dress. Your attention to detail is just amazing. Everyone will love her. Have a nice day! Twyla

  2. Okay, I love love love her.

    I am still buried in work. I will have my dear girl finished and shipped on Thursday. How large did you make yours? Mine looks so small. Wonder if I need to re do.

    I am a mess when it comes to these things...LOL

  3. Lovely! I am thinking of buying the stamp also. You did a wonderful job dressing her :-)

  4. Wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest!