Sunday, May 31, 2009


My fluffy companion, Gretel. She's hard to photograph with her dark coloring, but perhaps you can tell something about her.

She was very interested in the lilies that I had just cut from the yard.

There are so many fragrant flowers blooming right now--these Easter lilies and the gardenias are my favorites. I put them in vases with cuttings from herbs--basil branches, dill. Sensory overload!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bee Happy

Just a fun Bee card with stamps from Character Constructions

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Little Aprons

Apron stamp by Character Constructions
Stamping by Elizabeth

From estate sales, these four full sized aprons hang on my laundry room wall.

This one was in perfect condition, with its colorful hand embroidery all around the deep pockets.

I couldn't resist this Orla Kiely apron from Target. This one actually gets used on a daily basis. (The placemat, plate, and mug had to come home with me also.)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Local Wildlife

Some wildlife spotted in my yard this week, and captured on camera.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love yogurt first thing in the morning. I love it anytime during the day. I love it when I add some fresh blueberries or blackberries to it......But I especially love that first taste....when I

peel off that lid and lick the top!! Does anyone else do that? Is that gross? Honestly, everytimeI do it, I laugh. What? Am I afraid I won't get enough in the container? And that little lick is going to waste? Hmmmm.......silly habits.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Yourself - Journal Cover

Just had to try out some new stamps from Hero Arts- love this quote!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Let us remember those who have died in service to our nation.

Memorial day was first officially observed on May 30, 1868 when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. After World War I the holiday was changed to honor Americans who died fighting in any war.

The red poppy is a popular symbol of Memorial Day, more so in other countries, than our own. However, the United States was the first country to wear the poppy on Memorial Day in honor of those who died serving the nation during war. It was due to the poem “In Flanders Field” that Miss Moina Michael originated the Flanders Memorial Poppy which raised millions of dollars for veterans and their families. Miss Michael became known to millions of World War I veterans as the “Poppy Lady” and on 9 November 1918 she wrote the poem, "We Shall Keep the Faith", in answer to the "In Flanders Field" poem.

Oh! You who sleep in “Flanders Fields,”
Sleep sweet – to rise anew!
We caught the Torch you threw
And, holding high we keep the Faith.
With all who died.
We cherish, too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led:
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
But lends a lustre to the red
Of the flower that blooms above the dead
In Flanders Fields.
And now the Torch and Poppy red
We wear in honor of our dead.
Fear not that ye have died for naught;
We’ve learned the lesson that ye taught
In Flanders Fields.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Current Obsession

Knitted dish cloths. Making these has turned into an addiction. I've made them from every color I can find, and I can't stop!! At least they are wonderfully useful--the best for washing dishes and wiping down the countertops.

I love to read, but realized that I couldn't knit and crochet and read at the same time. (I do knit and watch tv; and read and watch tv, however); and then, I realized that I could knit and listen to novels on CD. Voila! The solution. A perfect symbiotic summertime pastime.

These are crochet cozies for cans and glasses, made of 100% cotton yarn to absorb all the drips from sweating glasses in the summer. Perfect. No sticking coasters that stick to your glass until halfway up to your mouth and then tumble back onto the table, splashing moisture all over the place. Free pattern here.
You might want to adjust for a particular size glass or bottle.

What do you do for relaxation, you know, something mindless, during the summer?


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last night - Dinner in the Old Market and This!
WOW - It was wonderful.
We had front row center seats.
They were awesome.
We could see every expression on their faces.
It was just a magical event.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Curl

There Was a Little Girl

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow--

Having lived all my life with natural curly hair (blessing? curse?), I have always identified with this Longfellow poetry.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vintage Mesh Purses

I love old mesh and beaded purses. My art piece above mimics my real collection below. I have just a few pieces that are hung in my hallway so they can be enjoyed. It is not a very valuable or fancy collection, but they are special to me.
Thanks for looking, Elizabeth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nest under glass

As Spring arrived, a nest tumbled out of a tree. It was perfect for this little still life and tag. I used found feathers, artificial eggs, and around the outside edge, and small felted balls glued into real acorn caps. Sweet and springlike, it will remain on the table until the heat of the Arkansas summer causes it to feel out of season.


A Year of Color - Green

This picture was taken in my yard several years ago. It was a foggy morning and just when the morning sun started to shine through the trees, I ran for my camera and got this picture. It reminded me of a Fairy Woods, so I made this piece. I took a picture of my grandson, added some butterfly wings and attached him to an 8x10 enlargement of the picture. Then I painted a canvas to match the green in the photo, added a green velvet ribbon around it and a verse. It hangs just outside my craft room so I can see it all the time. Since then I have used this picture several times in other artwork.

My backyard is always a source of green delight

A favorite card I did several years ago on a green background piece I made this year.

I have posted these green pictures because I am in Artsy Mama's "Year of Color" and this month the color is Green.
Thanks for looking,

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Nature artwork

Here is a card I just finished using stamps by Oxford Impressions.

Below are three tags that I made for the Oxford Impressions design team last year.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mothers Day flowers

Flowers from my son & family for Mother's Day. Aren't these lovely and fun? The bubble bowl is filled with sliced fresh limes.

Hard to see, (click on photo), in the background at the doorway is a little project, Hanging Teacups, a kit from Teresa McFayden . Teresa, high priestess of all things Silver Bella, had this kit available several years ago. The teacups are covered with lavender buds, silver glitter (tarnished black now), old papers, and buttons. It has the perfect spot hanging by this doorway, and I look at its sweetness every day.


Here are Mother's Day flowers received from my son and daughter-in-law. We are some lucky mothers to have received such lovely flowers from our sons.
My daughter's gift to me was a ticket to "Wicked" for this Friday night. I am pretty excited about that.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The fairy and the morel

Looks like a fairy is in my yard and she found a tasty treat.

Do you have morels where you live?
They have a very short growing season- it is finished here now.
I don't really care to eat them myself,
but I do love to hunt for them.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Felted hearts

Works in progress. No backings yet. I'm not sure how I want to finish them.
You can click on the photo for an up close and personal looksee.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Hummingbird

Saw my first hummingbird of the season this week.
So I made this card using stamps by

Character Constructions

He was here admiring this plant

I love this "bleeding heart" plant too.
It is one of the first blooms of the season.
It grows
so fast and lush and then it's gone.
I suppose its
brief existence makes it so special to me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A blue bird

This "hangie" gives me hope for a sunshiney day-which we haven't seen since April.
However, the scan looks a bit dim---maybe because the branch held up the scanner lid?


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art from the Garden

Inspired by my Spring garden
to make some nature
using stamps by Character Constructions

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The violet

Down in a green and shady bed,
A modest violet grew
Its stalk was bent, it hung its head,
As if to hide from view.

And yet it was a lovely flower,
Its colors bright and fair;
It might have graced a rosy bower,
Instead of hiding there.

Yet there it was content to bloom
In modest tints arrayed;
And there diffused its sweet perfume
Within the silent shade.

Then let me to the valley go,

This pretty flower to see,
That I may also learn to grow
In sweet humility.
- Jane Taylor

Looks like Violet is hiding again.

Just having some fun with photos taken in my spring garden

Happy Mothers Day

Today, as all days, we miss you
and your sweet smile, generous spirit and loving nature.

You are always with us.

Mother's Day is a poignant and meaningful day for us as sisters to give birth to our new blog. As nervous as new mothers, similarly anxious and fretful over this long awaited event, we want to provide this baby adequate nourishment in the form of creativity, interest, and visual delights.

We want to dedicate this first day's post to our beautiful mother (shown above). Her gracious way of living was always an inspiration. Our tender memories of her will forever comfort and lay gently upon our hearts.

Bolstered, encouraged, and enabled by our talented friend, Hope of Paper Relics who designed our blog and banner, we are happy, excited, and looking forward to this journey into blogland.

Elizabeth and Carol