Sunday, May 31, 2009


My fluffy companion, Gretel. She's hard to photograph with her dark coloring, but perhaps you can tell something about her.

She was very interested in the lilies that I had just cut from the yard.

There are so many fragrant flowers blooming right now--these Easter lilies and the gardenias are my favorites. I put them in vases with cuttings from herbs--basil branches, dill. Sensory overload!



  1. My impression of the gretel photo session.
    Carol: "Ok Gretel, smell the lily. Please, come on. I need a good picture for my blog."
    Gretel (to herself): "[Sigh], I better do it or she won't stop"
    Carol: "Good, hold it, hold it [click]. Good girl."

    But then, talking to animals and televisions are legal in the Ryan family.

  2. we love gretel because she's a touch-me-not, like your daughter.