Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Hummingbird

Saw my first hummingbird of the season this week.
So I made this card using stamps by

Character Constructions

He was here admiring this plant

I love this "bleeding heart" plant too.
It is one of the first blooms of the season.
It grows
so fast and lush and then it's gone.
I suppose its
brief existence makes it so special to me.


  1. I LOVE that card - so cute! Catherine's stamps are always so wonderful!

    Look at your girls go with the blogging - see... wasn't that easy?!

  2. Hello hello! Greetings from the Jersey Shore! So happy to have your blog to follow!! :) I am loooving your banner!!! :) Hope knocks socks off! :)

    I look forward to visiting you gals!!

    Your card is so so sweet!!!

    Happy Spring!!
    xoxo Jenny

  3. Elizabeth, I love your hummingbird card; all dressed up and ready for bleeding heart tea! I still have all my Queen's Tea cards from you; I love them so much I can't seem to part with them! Congrats to you and Carol on your blog; can't wait to see you both in November!

    Julie B.