Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Today, as all days, we miss you
and your sweet smile, generous spirit and loving nature.

You are always with us.

Mother's Day is a poignant and meaningful day for us as sisters to give birth to our new blog. As nervous as new mothers, similarly anxious and fretful over this long awaited event, we want to provide this baby adequate nourishment in the form of creativity, interest, and visual delights.

We want to dedicate this first day's post to our beautiful mother (shown above). Her gracious way of living was always an inspiration. Our tender memories of her will forever comfort and lay gently upon our hearts.

Bolstered, encouraged, and enabled by our talented friend, Hope of Paper Relics who designed our blog and banner, we are happy, excited, and looking forward to this journey into blogland.

Elizabeth and Carol


  1. Happy first post - and happy Mother's day to you both! So happy you are here in blogland and it was my pleasue to pressure/help you two get here :)

  2. Happy Mothers Day!! The blog looks great.

  3. Very sweet post and appropriate beginning to a great new blog! Congrats, and Happy Mother's Day to you both!