Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Year of Color - Green

This picture was taken in my yard several years ago. It was a foggy morning and just when the morning sun started to shine through the trees, I ran for my camera and got this picture. It reminded me of a Fairy Woods, so I made this piece. I took a picture of my grandson, added some butterfly wings and attached him to an 8x10 enlargement of the picture. Then I painted a canvas to match the green in the photo, added a green velvet ribbon around it and a verse. It hangs just outside my craft room so I can see it all the time. Since then I have used this picture several times in other artwork.

My backyard is always a source of green delight

A favorite card I did several years ago on a green background piece I made this year.

I have posted these green pictures because I am in Artsy Mama's "Year of Color" and this month the color is Green.
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  1. congrats on your new blog!! it's beautiful!!
    can't wait to meet you at silver bella!!


  2. Lovely blog...welcome to the blogging world. It is wonderful. I hope to meet you at SB. Kara Ward

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  4. Elizabeth, Just a darling little blog -I love your header...and I too am in the Year of Color - great pics of green and photo of the forest does look enchanting but with your grandson's picture it looks magical...Congrats on your new blog! Have a honey of a day & may sweet things come your way! grace & peace 2 "U" Marlene PS..see you in November at Silver Bella

  5. Hello and welcome to blogland. Looks like you are both off to a great start!! Hope to meet you at Silver Bella.

  6. Congratulations and welcome to blogging...you are off to a beautiful start.

    Hoping to meet you at SB.