Saturday, May 16, 2009

The fairy and the morel

Looks like a fairy is in my yard and she found a tasty treat.

Do you have morels where you live?
They have a very short growing season- it is finished here now.
I don't really care to eat them myself,
but I do love to hunt for them.



  1. That fairy is wonderful, but I have no idea what a morel is!

  2. Morels are mushrooms that are only found growing wild. They are prized by gourmet cooks, especially in French cuisine. They appear in the spring for a short growing season. Morel hunting is quite a sport in places near where they grow. There is even a town near here that has a Morel festival. They are very scarce and difficult to find. See "" or Wikipedia.

  3. I have mushrooms growing in my yard at times, but I'd be afraid they were the psychodelic kind! Never tasted them, but I've taken a number of pictures of them... Love your garden fairy!

    Julie B.