Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday boys and a snowy day

Saturday Morning we woke to this out our windows.
We got a total of 4 inches before it was over.

It was sunny by afternoon in time for my Grandsons' Birthday Party.
Blake was two on Saturday and Brady will be 5 soon, so a combined party was in order.

The afternoon was full of family, friends, fun, balloons, presents, and cake.
And two very happy little boys...

The 5 year old has been loving Geo Trax since he was two, and I found him a "Cars" Geo Trax.

Blake really like his new retro cash register - you remember the one with the big plastic coins and hand crank to open the drawer. -no lights, music, or batteries..., but lots of fun for busy little fingers.

Their mom made this adorable car cake for Brady

Here Blake is waiting patiently for his cake ( I did not get a picture of it, in all the hassle. It was a 2 layer chocolate cake.

A fun day with two very special boys.


  1. It was a good day! The boys had a really good time and loved all of their presents.

    Ann Marie

  2. What great pictures! I can't believe Ann Marie made Brady's cake - it looks wonderful, she did an amazing job!!

  3. Stephen & Teri
    (Forgot to add our name to the post :-)