Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silver Bella Swaps

A summer of preparing for Silver Bella has come to a close. The Silver Bella Yahoo group entertained lots (and I mean LOTS) of swaps. Each one sounded so interesting and fun, and the finished projects filled our imaginations so full that signing up for 5 or 6 didn't make us pause.

I jumped right in and got busy, knowing how slow I work, how much more thinking and visualizing goes on in my head, rather than productive work.

Nonetheless, I have accomplished all my tasks. All 6 are done, finished, completed, and either sent off to the hostesses or tucked safely away for the trip to Omaha. Whew!

This first one is the Bella Holiday Fat Book: assignment.....

Eleven 6 X 6" fabric pages, showing a holiday color palette with emblishments.
The hostess will bind into books with covers.

I can hardly wait to see the finished project!

This is a closeup of the front (on the left) and the back of the page (on the right)The front side: Each page is a little different. Impossible for me to duplicate exactly, but it's OK.
The background is a grey wool, with pieces of ribbon, felt, and felted wool, beading, and trim.


  1. What a great swap idea and I love your fat book!

  2. What a great swap that will be. Can't wait to see in person...I'm not in that one, but I'll be checking them all out! Love your piece... especially the bell and candy canes!!!

  3. Your pages are great, Carol! I really like all of the gray.

    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words today!

  4. What a wonderful page - I love all the details. I can't wait to see the finished books!
    Sharon :-)

  5. hey dolls,
    these are fabulous!!!
    see ya in 4 weeks.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. I got my info on the back of my page by printing it on iron on transfer paper and then transferring it to the felt.

  7. Oh my gosh -- what a huge lot of work that was!