Sunday, October 18, 2009

Next up--Swap #3

Now, this swap is a little different. While it looks like I did 14 fabric ATC's, that is not the case.

These will go to the hostess who will combine 14 different little art pieces on an apron front--presenting each participant with a finished apron on Swap Night. Pretty sweet, right?

This is called the Inspiration Apron Swap:

I incorporated wool felt, sweater felt, pieces of brocade, vintage lace, old pearls, beads, buttons, and a whole lot of free form embroidery.



  1. These are so great. So much work went into them! Have a nice Sunday. Twyla

  2. Those turned out wonderfully. I can't wait to see what the other ladies in this swap made as well. :)

  3. Those are just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to meet you at SB!

  4. These are wonderful - I love this kind of art!