Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayers for Blakie

Here is my grandson who turned 2 last Saturday, Oct 10th. He will be having kidney surgery on Friday morning. If you want to send any prayers or healing thoughts his way, we would welcome them. His surgery is at Children's hospital and will last about 4 hours.

Blake is a very sweet little boy. The picture above was taken Wednesday morning, just before we headed to the mall to let him get a bear at Build-a- Bear. Below he is handing back his bear for its final stitching. We then took him for a photo setting and we got some very good pictures.
Below he is in his Halloween costume of a Dino.

Below, he is playing with his older brother's fireman stuff.

Thanks for reading this and thank you very much for any prayers and well wishes.


  1. Thanks mom for the lovely posting! And thanks for all your help!!!

    Ann Marie

  2. Oh my, he is quite adorable!
    Sending love and well wishes his way, for him and all your family - xoxox hope

  3. Elizabeth, I'll be keeping you and my family close to my heart and in my prayers. What an incredibly sweet face he has...I hope the surgery will be swift and smooth and that he'll be trick or treating with the best of them next week.

    With much love,

  4. How precious, Blake looks so adorable! He looks like a little grown man in his argyle sweater and I love the dino costume. We can't wait to visit over Christmas. We are very happy that the surgery went well and are praying for a very quick recovery.

    Teri & Stephen