Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Begins

Drum roll, Please.

A new school year starts today for my oldest grandchild.
She will be in second grade.

I wave my hand and the years just fly from my fingertips!
I don't know how that happens and I don't know where they go?
I just know they are gone.

Gone as fast as the water shoots from their water guns on a hot summer day..
As fast as their little eyes close riding in the back seat after a fun-filled day...
As fast as they can ride their big wheel down the sidewalk...
As fast as they can make a chocolate cupcake disappear...

Oh, these treasured years of youth!
I love them so and I miss them as they are happening
because I know what a short time they last.

Even the bears are going to school!

Whenever your little ones go back to school, I hope they have a Great Year!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck to your granddaughter as she goes back to school. I hope her year is filled with wonder. I, too, know how quickly these years fly by. It doesn't seem possible. I can still remember my elementry days - and I'm old! My kids school days went quickly as well. I love the bears illustration! Have a nice day! Twyla