Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer's Yield

I would love to have a giant garden of summer and fall vegetables, but point of fact, I don't want to spend the time, don't like the hottest parts of the day, and if there are red bugs/chiggers out there, they will find me for sure!

So---I optimistically plant a few things in pots on the patio. My favorites, because they never fail to produce, are Sweet Banana Peppers.

I have one Sweet Bell Pepper planted in the middle, but I've only harvested 2 little babes so far.

The Banana Peppers are so prolific. My favorite recipe is to mix up a good albacore/tune salad; cut off just the top of the pepper, take out the core; and fill with the tuna salad. It's so perfect to mix up a bunch for a picnic (wrap each one in plastic wrap for no muss) to eat out of hand.

I sprinkled a bit of Salad Supreme on top for color and flavor. Chill.
Neat, huh?

Nice and crunchy and good for a pot luck summer supper.
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  1. I like to do that with peppers but I mix tuna and cream cheese together and slice the peppers in half. My dad got me started doing that.

  2. I wish I had that recipe that husband planted a whole bunch of pepper plants (and what the dog didn't eat) he did...there were so many. :) I'm definitely remembering this tip clever and I know he'd love it.

  3. They were yummy in the fish tacos, too!

  4. These look wonderful! Next year Stephen & I will have to plant sweet banana peppers just so we can make this & I love the fact that plant will always produce, so it would be hard for us to kill it :-). Maybe this year we will just have to go to the store to buy the peppers.

    Stephen & Teri