Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of my favorite sewing ephemera is hook and eye cards. Just this week, when I purchased a bag of miscellaneous sewing stuff from a thrift shop, I realized that I had a collection of these cards. These cards are usually found in the "mystery'' sewing bag or box of stuff you might find at a thrift store or estate sale. At an estate sale this spring, in the basement on the floor was a cardboard box full of lots of sewing "stuff" with a sign that said $3.00 for the whole box. It was so big, I had to have help carrying it up the stairs. I did not even spend time checking out all that was in it. I mean, half the fun is getting home with such a treasure and checking out all the surprises in the box. You may also be so lucky, as to have your grandmother's sewing box, with many treasures. Well, anyway, I gathered up all these cards and discovered I had a nice variety.
These are my favorites and this one below is my most favorite. It is probably the oldest, just because the price of 4 cents is the lowest price of the lot.
I just love the way they are usually folded and have all those wonderful holes and strings attached. It is such a tactile item. Can't you just imagine years ago, the ladies carefully taking these out and sewing with them. The most common brand name by far is Clinton with the lovely bright navy and gold colors. Then there are DeLong, Boye, Newey's Imperial, Atlas, Alice, and Penimaid. If you have lots of vintage sewing stuff, maybe you want to look through your stash to see how many you have.
I probably want to keep my originals and make copies to use on projects. So I have made some copies above you may want to use in your artwork. Enjoy!

There are many other kinds of sewing ephemera besides these hook and eye cards. Buttons and button cards are every one's favorites, along with needle packages, snap cards, wooden thread spools, patterns, and buckles. Maybe you have a collection of some of these. I would love to hear about your favorite sewing collection.


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