Sunday, December 20, 2009

Arrival of Angels

The Angels have arrived at my house!

Danielle Muller, of The Vintage Dragonfly, hosted The Angel Paper Doll Swap. It was a pleasure creating this angel. She started out as a turn of the century painting by the American Illustrator, Jessie Willcox Smith. I altered the sitting mother and child to a standing angel with the Child and embellished her with feathers, pearls, fabrics, and antique lace.

Is this a choir of angels? Looks like it to me.

When the swap angels arrived, I attached them to a length of lace and hung them from my mantle. Perfect for Christmas!!

I had just finished assembling all the "stuff" on the mantle.....lots of my favorite things...hmmm, sounds like a song....
Of course, the photos don't do them justice. The angels are treasures, obviously carefully crafted, each one a beautiful piece of art.

Below--from the left--by Jamie Vowell
in the middle--mine
on the right--Susie Bieker

Below--on the left--Susie Bieker
on the right--Danielle Muller

Below--on the left--by Robin Sanchez
middle--Pamela Keravuori
on the right--Jamie Vowell's

Pardon if my photography skills don't exist, but I liked these with no flash--the lighting is very peaceful to me.

I feel lucky to have been able to participate in this swap with such talented ladies.



  1. Carol- They are so beautiful and how fun to see a little peek into your home. Love your fireplace! Merry Christmas to you Momma Carol!

  2. hark! the herald
    angels sing, glory
    to the newborn King!
    oooohhhhhh! i LOVE
    your angelic garland!!!
    Merry Christmas, sweet
    Carol, and you too
    blessings and
    happy day!

  3. OMG - hold on a minute let me catch my breath. I am in awe of your angel. I can't quit looking at it. Oh how I wish I could have been in that wonderful swap. All of them are beautiful but I could just cry at how beautiful the one you made is. I wish I could come up with something so creative on my own. Please make another and have a giveaway, then don't tell anyone about it but me so I can win! LOL. Oh' how I envy your creativity, the Lord says we shouldn't envy, doesn't he? But I only mean it in a good way. She's just too beautiful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs...Tracy :)

  4. Hi Carol - it's me again. I just copied your angel to my computer just so I could look at it and then it dawned on me that I never asked permission. I will delete it, if you would like me too. I only copied it so I could admire it - not use it. Sorry for being bad, I just got to excited for my own good. As Mama would say don't forget your manners. LOL

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. I enjoyed seeing these so much! They are all beautiful and you are right, you were very lucky to be part of this swap. I loved seeing your mantle, I loved the pretty picture above it! Have a very Merry Christmas! Twyla

  6. I got to see them in person today and they are beautiful!

  7. Your angels are gorgeous! What a beautiful swap especially this time of year! May you both have a blessed Christmas!

  8. very very pretty. i especially like the photos taken at night.