Monday, June 22, 2009

Angels Around Us

Angels in my garden.

This sweet little thing has been attacked by golf balls. First she lost her wing, and......

then she was broken in half. Give me some E6000, and even angels can be fixed. We never could find the broken wing though.

Tiny little fairy.....

Little boy in the woods......

This one watches over the front yard.

by Carol

This angel used to watch over my parents front door. I took this picture while visiting -There were always lizards around it there. Now it sits by my front door and never has a lizard visitor. There are no lizards in my garden and I wish there were.

This little angel-below- is in the back yard.

This fun fellow was given to me by my son. He knew that I liked gargoyles and found this sweet one for me. I think he is the friendliest one I have ever seen.

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