Friday, June 19, 2009

House of Cards

This handsome gangster-looking gentlemen is my husband's father. I altered one of the cards from the game below. I added some real antique buttons, stamped paper behind the photo and a real cigar label.
I picked up this game at a garage sale about 7 years ago and have been saving them for something special. The images are so cool. I think now that I have started, I will add other relatives to some of the other cards and display them together some way- maybe on a garland.

It is a fun game- to connect the cards to build houses. Have you ever owned this or a similar game and built houses with cards?
This reminds me of a movie I have seen on TV many times, of a woman who built a huge structure of "cards" to try and reach her child who had "turned inward" suddenly.
I think that I liked this movie so much because the mother would do anything to find a way to help her child. Any one else see that or like it too? Movie title is the same as this post.


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  1. How cool--I have been wanting to get one of these Eames game sets! Can't believe you got yours at a garage sale! Great find!