Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stylish Serviettes-More napkin art

These cards show 3 different ways to use napkins on cards or artwork.

In the card above, one flower was cut out and adhered smoothly to the card with glue stick. It is a very easy way to get a beautiful image onto a card. I cut the flower out of the napkin with all the layers still attached and then pulled them off before gluing. I like the translucent quality of these napkin images.

Below, the same napkin as above was used, but this time I rubbed and sprayed green ink on it and stamped some writing on it. Then I peeled off all the backing layer, rolled it into a ball in my hand. White glue was brushed onto white card stock and the crinkled napkin was pressed carefully to the card stock, leaving wrinkles. After it dries, you can tear or cut it. The napkin and card stock are all one nice flexible piece. Then it was adhered to a green card. Finally, the girl image, green trims and flowers were added.

For the card below, I used the same technique, but stamped my main image onto a rose napkin first. You can see the "crinkling" better on the light background of this card. I tore around the edges of the "cardstock-napkin" panel and attached to a green card. I added green trims, a butterfly sticker, and a floral corner rub-on.
Below is an article I did for Stampers' Sampler in 2003 with this wrinkling technique for cards. This article was also in the first Handcrafted Magazine by Stampington and Co. in 2005.



  1. Carol and Elizabeth! What a pleasure to discover your blog! This is the most wonderful idea to share a blog from two different parts of the country. Beautiful artwork and a turtle to boot! I can't tell you how you have made my day in the discovery of a real bluebird. I did not think they existed anymore. This is the beginning of a great day! Carol, you guessed and are in the drawing! See you Thursday for the winning name! Elizabeth

  2. wow. you never cease to amaze me!!

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