Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas Planner

A holiday planner seems to be a good idea for keeping things altogether. This is one I made from a Mead composition book.
The cover was layered with Christmas paper, the Bigz die cut letters in the Twang font.

The different sections tabs were inked shipping tags inbetween the glued together pages.

Include a calendar for scheduling...

A place for decorations. It's surprisingly easy to forget something you really liked when the next holiday arrives.

And the food! Don't forget the food, the recipes, the menus you liked.
Write the recipes on cards and include them so you don't have to look them up every year.

Have pages for photos of past decorations. Make a list for each year.

And all your favorite Christmas traditions--You will enjoy reading them from year to year, and they will be a treasure for your children.

Your book will become more important to you every year--more like a journal of the best of times!
Don't wait to put one together. You'll want to use it THIS year!


  1. That's real cool. Great job on the pics and descriptions. Heather wants one. Where's the order form?!?

  2. WOW. I want one too - pass along that order form when you find it!!

  3. Absolutely darling...sweet colors and papers and so usable.

  4. Oh so pretty! I love this idea. I want one too. :)

  5. Carol, I MUST come over and see this precious thing. I am such a Carol-Wannabe! Can I come over right now? Can I come yesterday? This is definitely one of the COOLEST COOL things I've seen. Thank you for the photos to share this great project. Oh ma gosh you make me want to get out all my ribbons and trim and scissors and crank up the JOSH GROBAN and GET BUSY making my own Carolita Holiday Planner. WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME WHILE YOU WERE MAKING THIS!!!!!! I am totally enthralled. Have coffee, will travel. love, -YaYa Becky

  6. What a wonderful journal! So valuable too! Twyla