Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Signs

We had a cool snap, it's warm again now, but the plants must know it is getting closer to Fall. The dogwood in the back yard is always the harbinger with it's lovely red colors.

And those red berries--so shiny.

The morning dew shows off the spider webs.

And this is the last of the spring volunteers, a sweet little pink "thing". Anyone know? They reseed and return every year.....all over the place.

And these pods......anyone know here? The answer is below....

The last of my meager little container garden, those banana peppers and bell peppers. Mine would never have made the grade for the grocery store. Look how tiny.

This Doublefile Vibernum. What's up with this? It's putting out a bloom, and it is one of the earliest bloomers in the Spring. Silly bush.

And these little red cuties--more volunteers (I haven't planted them in years). They give something for the hummingbirds in the late fall.

Beautiful hydrangea, very interesting with it's Fall outfit.

Onions, gone to flower, and then, seed.

And the Lace Cap Hydrangea. This one looks a bit depressing.

I should have ended with a cheerier photo.
Oh, and the answer to the above question....about the pods? Wisteria seed pods. I've never tried to plant them. My wisteria send up runners and new plants all over the yard. I have to mow them down, but if anyone wants these, let me know, and I'll mail them to you.
Enjoy your Fall.

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