Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Inspiration

It's time to get out all the Fall decorations, and that means the Halloween pieces. We've only about 6 weeks to display all the fun things that the season brings.
This is a hanger, about 5 X 7"--using vintage images and embellishments.

There are so many visual inspirations out there--
This one is my daughter's, from a BH&G spread...

More hangers (from Elizabeth). So many ways to portray the season....

Find your favorite image, combine with varied papers, and there you are.

Another color inspiration--knitted dish cloths....

This is a super simple, but effective, pennant. I used the painted woodies from Michael's and placed them onto the huge paint chips (should say, paint chunks!) from Better Homes & Gardens. Thanks, BH&G, for making such luscious colors available; not just for my projects, but for warming up the walls of our homes.
These are closeups of the project's beginnings--

I think this cat is a hoot!
This is fabric--so precious--from Hobby Lobby (not sure about availability this year).

Fall gives us so much with which to work.
Hope your craft tables are full of fun projects.


  1. Love all your projects here. :) Those hangers are so pretty and that fabic, oh, I love it! Makes me want to dig out all my fall decorations. I am so ready for fall.

  2. This time of year is certainly inspiring! Your creations are great. Love the hangers! Have a good week. Twyla